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MC4 announces its film adaptation of the novel RROÛ

12 November 2020

With Maurice Genevoix’s internment at the Pantheon, GEDEON Media Group is pleased to announce the film adaptation of PROU, this world-renowned author’s favorite novel. An ode to nature, to liberty, lived through adventures of a cat who decides to return to the wild.

Its adaptation will be undertaken by Director Guillaume Maidatcheysky and produced by Jean-Pierre Bailly of MC4 and GEDEON MEDIA GROUP, for a release at the end of 2022.

This film project plunges us into the intimate and subjective life of a cat, relentlessly searching for his own vision of the world. It’s also an ode to nature and a plea for the right to freedom, no matter what the cost.


Rroû, a lively and curious kitten, is bored of his life as a house cat in the heart of Paris. His destiny shifts gears when Clémence, a ten-year-old girl, brings Prou to her house in the countryside. Facing the wild, Prou must adapt and fight to survive, ultimately finding his true place as a feline. An extraordinary adventure that will change him for the rest of his life!