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Solar Stratos, to the edge of space

GEDEON Programmes Science

Solar Stratos, to the edge of space

With the planet in a state of ecological dereliction, and awareness of the effects of global warming
no longer sufficient, a technological challenge and an unprecedented human adventure will show
that an energy transition is possible. SolarStratos is the futuristic project led by Raphaël Domjan.
The eco-adventurer aims to develop a plane capable of sending Man through the stratosphere,
propelled only by solar power. United around this ecological idea full of hope, engineers,
technicians and scientists from around the world will push back the limits of technology to build a
unique aircraft. Months of research and development will be needed to rise to a challenge that will
hail a new era for aviation.

  • Director :

    Stéphane Chopard

  • Coproduction :

    GEDEON Programmes, RSC Film Production

  • Length :

    2 x 52'

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