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PHILIPPE ECHAROUX, The world in light – New broadcast

26 June 2023

Thursday, June 29 at 10:40 p.m. on CANAL+ channel and available online on myCANAL.

Philippe Echaroux is a photographer who projects giant faces into natural settings. Committed to the protection of minorities and the environment, Philippe has decided to put the power of his images at the service of peoples who are directly experiencing the consequences of climate change or the impact of external threats on their territories.

After a trip to the Himbas in the Namib desert, Philippe travelled to the cold lands of northern Europe, to meet the Sami people who, under pressure from the surrounding modern world, are fighting for their survival and that of their ancestral traditions.
For Philippe, these portraits, themselves projected and then re-photographed, are like a mise en abîme of a world where everything is interconnected: man, nature and the rest of the planet. With a single underlying message: let’s protect this common good that is so precious to us, and respect the people who live there.

Length : 52′
Coproduction : GEDEON Programmes, CANAL+
Written by Laurent Martein and directed by Xavier Lefebvre
With Philippe Echaroux