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SAGRADA FAMILIA, Gaudi’s challenge awarded at Master of Art Film Festival 2023

27 February 2023

The international jury of Master of Art Film Festival decided to give the special Award for Best documentary in ARCHITECTURE category to “SAGRADA FAMILIA – GAUDI’S CHALLENGE”
Thanks to the Jury and congratulations to the film teams


Construction of the famous Basilica in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudi, was started in 1882. To this day, it has not been completed. The architecture is one of such creative madness, originality, and fantasy, that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

While the construction has never been simple, it has never been abandoned either. The monument has been set on fire, vandalized, Gaudi’s original models destroyed, and still, work goes on to complete the masterpiece. After 16 years of piecing back together Gaudi’s master plan with advancements in computer technology and design, architects have been able to pursue the building, started 140 years ago.However, as construction progresses, some of its greatest challenges have yet to be surmounted, including the construction of 10 more spires. The team hopes to complete the masterpiece by 2026, Gaudi’s 100 year anniversary.

This film documents the complexities of respecting the original inspiration and techniques set forth by Gaudi over a century ago. Juxtaposing sequences shot in the midst of the cathedral as construction ensues, with reenactments and CGI images, the documentary draws you into Gaudi’s paradise on earth, from the origins of its inspiration to the most recent architectural additions.

A film by Marc Jampolsky

Coproduction GEDEON Programmes, ARTE France, Curiosity Stream, NHK, Atomis Media, Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie

In association with Histoire TV

– 2022 – 90′