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6 February 2023

Broadcast on 2 February on Canal+ channel at 10:48 PM



Nadia Mechaheb is a sportswoman, a sunbather, a hip-hop dancer and an urban culture enthusiast. In the series “Culture & Street”, she invites us to discover a new face of the world’s cities: the street. In each destination of this documentary series, Nadia goes to meet those who transform it into a place of expression and creativity.

After New-York, she heads to Dakar, Senegal, a city full of urban energy, to meet artists from all walks of life.

Directors: Clémentine Arnaud, Robert Iseni & Sébastien Oberlé
Writers : Clémentine Arnaud, Robert Iseni, Sébastien Oberlé, Nadia Mechaheb
Producer: Carine Nonnenmacher
Production : DOCLAND Yard
Length : 52′