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Jurassic Cash- Airs on Canal+DOCS

1 June 2022

Airs on CANAL+DOCS on Wednesday JUNE 1, at 8:50pm



Some people collect works of art, others collect dinosaurs. These wealthy enthusiasts dream of decorating their homes and offices with T-Rex skeletons, bringing millions of dollars to auction houses to snatch up the bones of the great extinct dinosaurs.

A controversial hobby and, above all, a form of speculation which can lead to a lawless «bone rush», paleontologists and museums around the world, already deprived of their subjects of study, are sometimes forced to solicit these new patrons…

Jurassic Cash is a documentary on the new business of dinosaur fossils, an incredible speculation in the auction world… And on the footsteps of our past.



A film by Xavier LEFEBVRE in collaboration with Gilles DEISS

Coproduction: GEDEON Programmes / CANAL+DOCS
Writer: Vincent FERAGUS
Music: Vincent JACQ

Length : 75′