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IDJANGA – the gorilla forest

24 March 2022

 The film will be aired on prime-time Friday, March 25, as part of the “Forest Month” program
In 2019, Gabon embarked on an ambitious project to enforce the certification and sustainable
management of its forests, on every active forest concession throughout its territory. This is the
starting point of a virtuous movement and the ten-year struggle of one passionate man, Max
Huderbourcq, who fights in the heart of Central African exploitations to bring people, animals
and nature together in areas where biodiversity is under threat. This year, Max «returns to battle»
as he leads his final gorilla viewing expedition in the forests of Gabon.
If we get things done, there is still time to act on what is no longer just an African issue, but a
global issue.
by Caroline THIRION
Writters : Caroline THIRION and Max HURDEBOURCQ
With the participation of : USHUAÏA TV and TV5 MONDE