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SAVING NOTRE-DAME, Winner of the 33rd Roberval Télévision Prize

29 April 2021

The jury unveiled the Prize List of the 33rd Roberval Prize.

SAVING NOTRE-DAME, Winner of the 33rd Roberval Télévision Prize
Thanks to the Jury and congratulations to the entire film team
After the dramatic fire that ravaged Notre-Dame de Paris on 15 April 2019, the cathedral is still standing, but the building’s overall stability has been weakened. Archaeologists are poring over each piece of charred debris to learn more about the building’s structure, while rope access technicians, stonemasons and carpenters, under the supervision of the chief architect for Notre-Dame, work tirelessly to shore up the remaining structure before it is too late. This crucial stage is fraught with danger but is indispensable for Notre-Dame’s rebirth.
  • DIRECTORS : Quentin Domart, Charlène Gravel
  • WRITERS : Quentin Domart, Charlène Gravel, Coralie Miller, Bruno Ulmer
  • DISTRIBUTION : France Télévisions
  • LENGTH  : 100′
  • YEAR : 2020