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UNRELEASED AIRING of the documentary Charles Trenet

18 March 2021

Don’t miss out on this detailed portrait of Charles Trenet, which airs Friday Feburary 19th at 9:05 PM on France 3, and is accessible for replay on

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the death of Charles Trenet, Philippe Kohly offers an archival portrait that stays as close as possible to the enchanting life and work of an artist. Here we find ardor, enthusiasm and wonder that today might seem indecent, but which is necessary and does so much good! Also present is melancholy, rejection and abandonment. Did you know that Trenet’s joy was hard work, a result of jumping everyday hurdles? This authentic genius of songwriting appears as an attitude in the face of hardship. Through his work, through his life, he offers us a lesson in happiness.


Press notice

“We can only welcome the detailed portrait dedicated to the “singing madman” Télérama TT

“Excellent documentary, Kohly is a great portrait painter” Le Figaro

“A documentary full of swing” Le Pèlerin

“The man of a thousand songs continues to amaze us” Notre Temps

“Favorite of the week” La Dépêche

“A new look at Charles Trenet” Téléstar

“A portrait that stays as close as possible to the life and work of an enchanter” Media +

“Through unpublished documentation, this film escapes hagiography, while renovating a man, and especially the solar performer” Charlie Hebdo

“5 reasons to watch Charles Trenet L’enchanteur: The story of a wounded childhood, the secret meaning of his fetish hat, the fiction and reality of the Occupation, the response to accusations of maltreatment and abuse of minors, and his artistic resurrection” Télé Loisirs

Length 113′

Format HD

Director Philippe Kohly

Production: GEDEON Programmes, Corine Janin & Stéphane Millière

With the participation of France Télévisions

And Toute L’Histoire, RTBF, RTS

With the support of CNC

And the Sacem

© GEDEON Programmes – 2021