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Pompeii at the Grand Palais

26 October 2020

July 1st – September 27, 2020

GEDEON Programmes is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition POMPEII, from July 1st to September 27th.

Produced in co-production with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais and the Parc Archéologique de Pompéi.

POMPEII: A spectacular setting brings the city’s history to life

 With the POMPEII exhibition (staged by Sylvain Roca and designed by Olivier Brunet), GEDEON Programmes gives the public the opportunity to fully experience the city’s history prior to the eruption of 79 A.D. and the tragic destruction that ensued, as well as the discoveries made during the excavation campaign in 2018 – 2019. This is all thanks to the spectacular setting of the Grand Palais, using built decor, images filmed on the ground, 3D reconstructions and special effects. This unparalleled exhibition shares the adventures of Professor Massimo Osanna and the Pompeii Archaeological Site team throughout this exceptional archaeological journey, thus participating in the transmission of findings from one of the world’s most precious heritage sites.

A new industry for GEDEON

These two new exhibitions mark the official inauguration of GEDEON group — internationally renowned for its documentary films on significant historical, scientific and cultural events — into a new industry.

As the natural extension of its core business, GEDEON wishes to use new storytelling techniques to showcase its most iconic audio-visual productions in the form of immersive exhibitions, which hold endless artistic possibilities for museums or dedicated sites. This is a new way to share with people the wonder of science, historical ground-breaking moments, the importance of natural ecosystems, and to uncover the world’s greatest civilisations.