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WWI’s First Frontline Cameraman

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WWI’s First Frontline Cameraman

The Battle of the Somme marked a major turning point in the First World War, as tanks made their first appearance on the battlefield. The Battle also gave its name to a film, the first ever historical documentary. Those 70 minutes revolutionized the cinema with the first inside story of war, showing the thick of battle, the wounded and the dead. The film was made by Englishman Geoffrey Malins, the first war cameraman. It was seen by over 20 million people in Britain before being shown in France, the USA, Russia, Canada and eventually the rest of the world.

  • Directors :

    Nicolas Jallot, Julien Leloup

  • Writers :

    Nicolas Jallot, Julien Leloup

  • Distribution :

    RMC Découverte, TV5 Canada

  • Co-production :


  • Lenght :


  • Year :



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