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Wild France

GEDEON Programmes Nature

Wild France

Wildlife is quietly taking possession of every corner of the country, at its own rhythm, governed by the light and the seasons: predators stalking their prey, nuptial dances, nest building and burrow digging, births … dragonflies, puffins, hedgehogs, foxes, wild boar and ladybirds…From the north to Provence, from Bourgogne to Corsica, from the Alps to Paris by way of Brittany, a hidden world of constant activity unfolds before us.


Telenatura 2012 (Spain)
• Best Photography

Busseto Music Film Festival 2012 (Italy)
• Best Direction
• Best Photography

International Wildlife Film Festival 2012 (Albert, France)
• Special Prize for Best Editing

International Wildlife Film Festival 2011 (USA)
• 2 Special Awards for Cinematography

Ménigoute Wildlife Film Festival 2011 (France)
• Best Educational Film

Le Creusot Film Festival 2011 – large-screen documentary category (France)
• Bronze Award

  • Directors :

    Augustin Viatte, Frédéric Febvre

  • Writers :

    Marc Giraud, Guillaume Poyet, Jean De Garrigues, Philippe Huet

  • Distribution :

    Arte, Globosat, SRC, Ushuaïa TV, Discovery, IRIB, LTV, Iberia SLU, RAI, RTBF, RTS, SVT, TVC, TV5 Monde

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Arte GEIE, CRRAV

  • Length :

    90’, 10x52, 10x43’’

  • Year :


© photos GEDEON Programmes, Augustin Viatte, Jacques Martin

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