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Volcano Chasers – 2 seasons

MC4 Discovery

Volcano Chasers – 2 seasons

Vincent and Bertrand, cousins from Clermont Ferrand in Auvergne, an important center of volcanic activity in Europe, invite us to join them on the ascent of some of the world’s fieriest and most forbidding volcanoes, against a backdrop of tales of adventure, history, science and ancestral beliefs. We discover the most beautiful and fascinating volcanoes on the planet, with awe-inspiring and humbling testimony to the power of nature.




  • Directors :

    Bertrand Homassel, Vincent Cheville

  • Writers :

      Bertrand Homassel, Vincent Cheville

  • Distribution :

    Voyage, RMC, Lagardère Entertainment Rights

  • Co-production :

    MC4, 40ème Rugissant

  • Length :

    10x52’ (2 saisons)

  • Year :


© photos Bertrand Homassel - MC4

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