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Violette Morris, a woman to be killed

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Violette Morris, a woman to be killed

Violette Morris is one of the greatest multi-sport champions in history. Athletics, football, cycling, auto racing… She shattered all records, challenging men on their own turf. In the midst of the Roaring Twenties, Violette Morris is also a homosexual woman who wishes to live as a man. During the Occupation, she becomes involved in collaboration with Vichy and the Nazis. Nicknamed the “Hyena of the Gestapo,” she is killed in 1944 by the Resistance.

Can one be both a national pride and a shame to their country? Poorly understood, subject of the wildest fantasies, here is the extraordinary story of this woman capable of the best… and the worst.

  • Director :

    Marie-Chrisitne Gambart

  • Producer :

    Fanny Glissant

  • Production :

    GEDEON Programmes

  • Length :


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