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Toumaï, the New Ancestor

GEDEON Programmes Archeology

Toumaï, the New Ancestor

In July 2001, in the Djurab Desert of northern Chad, a Franco-Chadian expedition headed by paleoanthropologist Michel Brunet discovered a seven-million-year-old fossil skull. After the discoveries of “Lucy” and then “Abel”, this major find has pushed the date for the earliest emergence of hominids back even further. Researchers have been studying the skull closely to determine the environment in which the hominid lived and to reconstruct his face – in short, to bring Toumaï, our most distant ancestor to date, back to life.


New York Film Festival 2007
• Silver World Medal (education, information and entertainment category)

Scientific Film Festival 2006 (China)
• First Prize (discovery category)

HD Film Festival 2006 (Paris)
• Special Image Award

  • Director :

    Pierre Stine

  • Writers :

    Pierre Stine, Alain Zenou, Michel Brunet

  • Distribution :

    France 2, National Geographic, NHK, NDR, Planète+, RTBF, SRC, SBS, TSR

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Blueberry, NHK, National Geographic, Studio Hamburg

  • Length :

    80', 52'

  • Year :


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