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The Southern Flower at Sea

GEDEON Programmes Adventure

The Southern Flower at Sea

On board their yacht Fleur Australe, skipper Philippe Poupon and his wife, the actress Géraldine Danon, set sail with their children on a major expedition: a fact-finding mission aimed at raising public awareness of the need to protect the oceans. Their ten-year voyage and the people they met on their journey have given them a unique insight into the world. In the last episode in production for 2020, they set off to meet the peoples of the Far North. They started their journey in mid-winter in Utqiaġvik, the northernmost settlement in the United States, arriving overland because of the frozen sea. They will return by boat in June when the sea ice has broken up. In the meantime, they will travel to the Alaskan coast of the Bering Sea to explore hunters’ and trappers’ villages, and then to Russia, to the remote villages of Siberia, before visiting Wrangel Island in the High Arctic, a land of polar bears and walrus.



  • Directors :

    Géraldine Danon, Aurélien Bonnet

  • Writers :

    Géraldine Danon, Sébastien Oberlé, Aurélien Bonnet, Thomas Cazals

  • Distribution :

    TF1, Voyage, France O

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Louma Films, France O

  • Length :

    16x52’, 6x60’

  • Year :


© photos Géraldine Danon

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