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The rise and fall of Jacques Tati

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The rise and fall of Jacques Tati

The artistic life of Jacques Tati, from his beginnings as a mime to his last film. A low-budget first feature film, which struggled for a year to find a distributor, before becoming a huge hit… The creation of an eccentric character, who immediately entered the annals of cinema… A Special Jury Prize at Cannes and an Oscar in Hollywood … Then a massive project. A gigantic set, a three-year shoot, a storm, impatient bankers, a lens seized in the middle of filming, a mortgaged house. And in the end, a masterpiece…

as well as a financial wreck. His company was liquidated, his films were placed in receivership… But he never stopped creating.

An archival documentary made up of excerpts from Jacques Tati’s movies and unseen images of a genius at work.

  • Director :

    Jean-Baptiste Péretié

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Les Films de Mon Oncle

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