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The Lighthouse of Alexandria: Seventh Wonder of the World

GEDEON Programmes Archeology

The Lighthouse of Alexandria: Seventh Wonder of the World

In 1996, during the first ever underwater archaeological expedition in Egypt, archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur and his team discovered stone blocks eight meters deep in the harbor of Alexandria, the largest weighing 100 metric tons. Meticulous investigation has revealed that these blocks were, in fact, part of the 120-meter-high Alexandria Lighthouse, whose light had guided sailors for 1600 years. The seventh wonder of the world, thought to have vanished for ever, had been rediscovered!


Cinearchea Festival1998 (Germany)
• Grand Jury Prize
• Audience Prize

Amiens Archaeological Film Festival 1998 (France)
• Bronze Award

Istanbul International Archaeology Film Festival 1998
• Grand Prize

International Art and Educational Film Festival, UNESCO 1997
• Architectural Education Award

Rovereto International Festival of Archaeological Film 1997 (Italy)
• Audience Award

Biarritz Film Festival 1997
• SACEM Award for Best Music

French Audiovisual Committee 1996 (Paris)
• Best Documentary Award

Image and Science Film Festival 1996 (Paris)
• Adventure and Discovery Award

International Maritime, Exploration and Environment Film Festival 1996 (Toulon)
• Special Jury Award

Telescience Film Festival 1996 (Montreal)
• Best French-language Scientific Film Award

Jules Verne Film Festival 1996 (Paris)
• Best Documentary Subject Award

World Festival of Underwater Images 1996 (Antibes)
• Historical Documentary Prize

ICRONOS International Festival of Archaeological Films 1996 (Bordeaux)
• Audience Prize

Science Television Festival 1996 (China)
• Best Photography Award

Houston Film Festival 1996 (USA)
• Jury Award

  • Directors :

    Andrew Snell, Thierry Ragobert

  • Writer :

    Daniel Rondeau

  • Distribution :

    France 2, BBC, WGBH Nova, TSR, RTBF, Sveriges Television, Urte

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, France 2, BBC, WGBH Nova, Musée du Louvre, Elf Aquitaine.

  • Length :


  • Year :


© photos Stéphane Compoint

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