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Sounds of Nature

GEDEON Programmes Nature

Sounds of Nature

Have you ever heard the cry of a caterpillar? Did you know that fish could talk, or that elephants hear through their feet? With the help of expert “sound hunters”, this series captures the sounds of biodiversity, opening our ears to the unfamiliar world of animal languages − some highly elaborate − in a three-part journey: underwater, in the air and on land. This field of science is known as bioacoustics.

  • Director :

    Jacques Mitsch

  • Writers :

    Thomas Escudier, Gilles Pedoussaut, Jacques Mitsch

  • Distribution :

    Arte, Planète+

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Arte GEIE

  • Length :

    3x52’, 3x43’

  • Year :


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