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Docland Yard Discovery


Rona Hartner, Franco-Romanian artist, takes us to the country of her childhood to discover these communities with distant origins that have marked the history of her country, fed her family stories and forged her sensitivity as an artist.

Her journey, in the heart of the Romanian territory, takes her across all the great reliefs, from the Apuseni Mountains, which still shelter in their forests a mountain people, to the Transylvanian plateau and its colorful villages, passing through the enchanted region of Maramures, bordering the Ukraine, to end up on the other side of the Carpathians in Bucovina, in a sheepfold nestled at the foot of the green mountain pastures






  • Director :

    Geoffroy de la Tullaye avec Rona Hartner

  • Broadcast :

    ARTE France

  • Coproduction :

    Docland Yard Biglo Production

  • Length :


  • Year :


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