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POMPEII, the secret of the villa of Civita Guiliana

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POMPEII, the secret of the villa of Civita Guiliana

After the international success of the film “The last hours of Pompeii”, GEDEON Programmes has been following up on the new discoveries in Pompeii. In February 2021, the teams from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii made an exceptional discovery: an astoundingly well-preserved, nearly intact Roman ceremonial chariot was unearthed in the north of the site. To date, this ornate chariot is the first of its kind to be discovered. Alongside the many scientists who took part in the campaign to restore the chariot, we return to ancient Rome in order to put the chariot in context: What could have been its use? How may have vehicles evolved during this time? What would traffic have looked like in the streets of Pompeii? Was owning a chariot and horses still a sign of social prestige? Don’t miss this investigation that travels through time to try to unravel the mysteries of this discovery.

  • Director :

    Thomas Marlier

  • Coproduction :

    GEDEON Programmes, Histoire TV, Rai Documentari, Pompeii - Parco Archeologico, Roller Coaster Road Production, Clair-obscur productions,

  • In association with :

    PBS-WNET, Česká TV

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