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Philippe Echaroux, the world in light

GEDEON Programmes Discovery Culture

Philippe Echaroux, the world in light

Philippe Echaroux is a portrait photographer who projects large-scale faces on city walls and in
natural settings.
Committed to the protection of minority groups and the environment, Philippe has decided to
use the power of his images to serve those directly experiencing the negative impacts of climate
change or external territorial threats.
In January 2022, Philippe went to the Himbas in Namibia to witness the hardships generated
by desertification and pressures of the modern world around them. Marked by this experience,
today he has decided to continue his fight and visit the Sami in Lapland and the Ainu in Japan.

  • Realisateur :

    Pierre Stine

  • Avec :

    Philippe Echaroux

  • Co-Production :

    GEDEON Programmes, CANAL+

  • Format :


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