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On the Cities’ Rooftops – 2 seasons

GEDEON Programmes Discovery

On the Cities’ Rooftops – 2 seasons

This collection presents some of the world’s great capitals and international megacities (Paris, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Rome and Bangkok) from the unusual viewpoint of their rooftops! Rooftops are highly revealing of the ways in which cities address the twenty-first century’s social, economic, demographic and ecological challenges as well as reflecting the image cities project of themselves and their inhabitants. Rooftops can be places for working, living, and cultivating one’s garden…



International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Current Affairs Films (FIDOM) 2017
• Best Photography Award
• Audience Award




  • Directors :

    Xavier Lefebvre, Denis Dommel

  • Writers :

    Laurent Martein, Gautier Dubois

  • Distribution :

    Arte, NHK, Planète+, SVT, Canal Evasion

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Arte GEIE, NHK

  • Length :

    10x52’, 10x43’ (2 saisons)

  • Year :


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