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Of Boats and Men

Docland Yard Discovery

Of Boats and Men

Looking at the ways boats are used around the world is a means of discovering other cultures. Boats are put to different uses depending on the period and the customs. People also live on boats, either by tradition or choice of a different lifestyle. They use boats to get around, to travel or to work. This series explores the different ways societies use boats, providing insights on how our societies function. We travel the world’s oceans and waterways in wild, magnificent and often remote landscapes.

  • Directors :

    Leni Merat, Anne-Laure Cahen, Jean-Marc Chauvet, Ismael Decarre, Christoph Schwaiger, Frédéric Réau, Emmanuel Corre

  • Writers :

    Leni Merat, Anne-Laure Cahen, Ismael Decarre, Emmanuel Corre, Frédéric Réau

  • Distribution :

    France O, Voyage, TV5 Quebec

  • Co-production :

    Docland Yard, PVP groupe

  • Length :


  • Year :


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