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Neanderthal, the Mystery of the Bruniquel Cave

GEDEON Programmes Archeology

Neanderthal, the Mystery of the Bruniquel Cave

In 1990, a teenage boy discovered a cave near the village of Bruniquel in the Aveyron gorges. Deep inside this cave, 350 meters from the entrance, lay structures made up of hundreds of stalagmite fragments, some of which were arranged in circles and showed signs of fire use. In 2014, analysis of calcite samples dated the structures back 176 500 years, proving that their Neanderthal creators were capable of exploring underground, using fire to light their way, and of carrying out activities that were not merely subsistence-related.


MFAF Split International Archaeology Film Festival

  • Deuxième Prix

ICRONOS Festival International du film d’archéologie de Bordeaux


AMIENS International Festival of archaeological Films (France)

  • Social Mention ” Research and experimental archaeology”

RUSHDOC International Film Festival – Los Angeles – USA – 2020

  • Best Science Documentary

TAC International Film Festival 2020 (USA)

  • Best Film
  • Special mentions: image, commentary, educational value, creativity

Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films (Switzerland) 2019

• Best Archaeological Film Award
• Audience Award

China International Conference of science and education, Shenzhen – Chine – 2019

  • Silver prize, dragon china award

Lumexplore Festival 2019 (La Ciotat, France)
• Best Science / Environment Expedition film

International Festival of Archaeological Film 2019 (Italy)
• Special Jury Mention
• Archaeoblogger Award

Arkhaios Film Festival 2019 (USA) 
• Award for Best Archaeological Film

Bidasoa International Archaeological Film Festival 2019 (Spain)
• Grand Jury Award

  • Director :

    Luc Henri Fage

  • Writers :

    Luc Henri Fage, Marianne Cramer, Coralie Miller

  • Distribution :


  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Felis Production, Arte France, CNRS Images

  • Length :


  • Year :


© photos GEDEON Programmes, CNRS

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