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Mission Méditerranée, treasures of the deep

GEDEON Programmes Archeology Science

Mission Méditerranée, treasures of the deep

In the heart of the Mediterranean, between the Tunisian and Italian coasts, lies a formidable underwater museum, the Esquerquis Bank. It preserves the traces of more than 2000 years of Mediterranean navigation history. Under the aegis of UNESCO, an archaeological mission bringing together 8 Mediterranean countries will try to save this endangered heritage.

  • Directors :

    Thomas Marlier & Mathieu Pradinaud

  • Historical advisor :

    Michel L’Hour

  • Production :

    GEDEON Programmes

  • A Documentary Creation :


  • In partnership with :

    l'UNESCO, with the support of Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

  • Length :


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