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Mbudha, In the chimpanzees footsteps

GEDEON Programmes Nature Science Adventure

Mbudha, In the chimpanzees footsteps

In the northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there remains a “red zone”, designated as such since the second war of the Congo, (1998-2002), where no foreigners have entered since 1999. The biologist Anne Laudisoit and her Congolese scientists team embark upon a scientific exploration to identify species that dwell in one of the last virgin territories of Central Africa. In the lush yet inaccessible valleys of the Blue Mountains, an amazing startling bio-diversity thrives. It is said that there are even chimpanzees.

  •  Favorite Jury Award – Festival Nature Environnement – Isère – 2020
  • Nature Award – Festival Les clefs de l’Aventure – 2019
  • Special Mention of the program committee – Festival Rencontres, Montagnes et Sciences – 2021
  • Réalisatrices :

    Caroline Thirion et Anne Laudisoit

  • Co-Production :

    GEDEON programmes / Clair-Obscur productions

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