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Maurice Béjart, the Soul of Dance

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Maurice Béjart, the Soul of Dance

Ten years after the death of dancer and choreographer Maurice Béjart, this 2017 film looks back at his unique contribution to the art of dance, one that has inspired many young choreographers. The film chronicles the gradual recognition of an artist lacking the typical dancer’s physique, who explored the links between the performing arts and the musique concrète of Pierre Henry and Ravel’s Bolero alike. Dancers joined his Twentieth Century Ballet Company in Brussels the way other people turn to religion. A prolific choreographer, he created 300 ballets. For Maurice Béjart, dance was “the soul in movement”.



Theater, Music and Dance Critics’ Association of France 2018

  • Best Dance Film Award

FIPADOC 2019 (Biarritz)

  • Audience Award


  • Directors :

    Henri de Guerlache, Jean de Garrigues

  • Writer :

    Henri de Guerlache

  • Distribution :

    Arte, RTBF, RTS, TV5 Monde

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, ARTE GEIE, Alizé Productions, RTS

  • Length :


  • Year :


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