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Madre de Dios, the Lost Island

MC4 Discovery

Madre de Dios, the Lost Island

Patagonia, situated in the southern part of South America, is a largely unexplored wilderness, battered by the elements. After famous navigators such as Ferdinand Magellan, Louis de Bougainville and naval officer Robert Fitzroy, it is now the turn of speleologists, geographers, geologists, botanists, archaeologists, biologists and filmmakers from the Centre Terre Association to explore this hostile yet fascinating natural environment. The expedition, christened “Ultima Patagonia, is based in the northern part of Madre de Dios Island in the south of Chile.


International Maritime, Exploration and Environment Film Festival  2017 (Toulon)

  •        Exploration Award


  • Directors :

    Gilles Santantonio

  • Writers :

    Gilles Santantonio, Eric Beurot, Coralie Miller

  • Distribution :

    France 5

  • Co-production :

    MC4, Les Films du Mille-Pattes

  • Length :


  • Year :


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