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MC4 Nature


Two lynxes meet in the forest of the Jura, France, and have three cubs (two males and one female). After many adventures, one of the young males is shot by a poacher, while the other is killed after being hit by a car. Not long after, the mother is taken by scientists whose mission is to capture lynxes and use them to repopulate other regions, especially in Germany. Although still young, the small female is left alone to face the winter. She meets a young male and they have two cubs. The adventure continues. What will become of them? This is the turbulent story of a family of lynxes, told with a bit of suspense and query.

Festival International Nature Namur 2021



  • Director :

    Laurent Geslin

  • Writer :

    Laurent Greslin

  • Co-production :

    JMH & FILO Films et MC4 avec RTS - SSR SRG / TELECLUB / Ciné + / OFC / CNC / CINEFOROM / SUISSIMAGE / France Télévisions DISTRIBUTION / Gebeka Films pour la sortie au cinéma.

  • Length :


  • Year :



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