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Living with the wolves

MC4 Nature

Living with the wolves

The director tells us about the wolf in a totally new and unexpected way. Wolves will soon be everywhere in France. so we have to learn to “live with wolves”.

Overcoming polemical posturing, the author uses a sensitive and cinematographic approach to help us perceive the natural world around us and the animals that inhabit it differently.

A journey by Jean-Michel Bertrand with surprising encounters, both human and animal, in his inimitable style, the director draws us into naturalistic and philosophical reflections on nature.

A film of magnificent images, nourished by naturalistic and philosophical reflections on nature, questions our ability to cohabit with wolves on French territory.

  • Director :

    Jean-Michel Bertrand

  • Production :


  • With the participation of :

    Ciné+, FranceTv distribution, La région Sud, La banque postale, Cinemage, la Sofica, La Banque Postale Image, Gebeka films

  • Withe the support of :

    FERUS (Ours-Loup-Lynx Conservation), ASPAS - Association pour la protection des animaux sauvages, La Quête du Loup Sauvage, FNE Isère, France Nature Environnement, Association Francis Hallé pour la forêt primaire, GoodPlanet, FFCAM - Club Alpin Français, LPO France, Fédération Connaître et Protéger la Nature - FCPN, Société Française pour l'Etude et la Protection des Mammifères (SFEPM), Terre Sauvage, Ushuaïa TV, La Salamandre

  • Length :


  • Year :



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