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Jurassic Cash

GEDEON Programmes Archeology

Jurassic Cash

Some people collect works of art, others collect dinosaurs. These wealthy enthusiasts dream of decorating their homes and offices with T-Rex skeletons, bringing millions of dollars to auction houses to snatch up the bones of the great extinct dinosaurs.
A controversial hobby and, above all, a form of speculation which can lead to a lawless «bone rush», paleontologists and museums around the world, already deprived of their subjects of study, are sometimes forced to solicit these new patrons…

Jurassic Cash is a documentary on the new business of dinosaur fossils, an incredible speculation in the auction world… And on the footsteps of our past.


Mention Spéciale “Views of the world” at RAM film festival Rovereto – Italia

  • Director :

    Xavier Lefebvre

  • Writer :

    Vincent Feragus

  • Co-production :

    Gedeon Programmes, CANAL+ Docs

  • Length :


  • Year :


©GEDEON Programmes 2021

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