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Going, Going, Gone! – 3 seasons

GEDEON Programmes Culture

Going, Going, Gone! – 3 seasons

What tales lie behind the items put up for sale in auction rooms? From a Balenciaga evening dress to the travel bag that belonged to Marie-Antoinette’s chambermaid, from Syd Barrett’s vinyl single of Octopus to the Rolex GMT Master owned and worn by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, this series looks at the “life stories” of the objects and works of art now back in the spotlight under the scrutiny of potential bidders. The history of these items also reflects the history of a particular era, its culture, customs and accomplishments. Each episode of the series focuses on a particular object or work of art.





  • Directors :

    Antoine Coursat, Stéphane Carrel, Matthieu Maillet, Joëlle Oosterlinck, Jérôme Cassou, Antoine Coursat

  • Writers :

    Antoine Coursat, Rosaleen Crowley, Joëlle Oosterlinck, Jehanne Puysegur, Stéphane Carrel, Matthieu Maillet, Jérôme Cassou

  • Distribution :


  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Arte France

  • Length :

    14x26’ (3 saisons)

  • Year :


© photos GEDEON Programmes, Animations Damien Pelletier

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