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Ethiopia: The Mystery of Phallic Stones

MC4 Adventure

Ethiopia: The Mystery of Phallic Stones

Several thousand unmistakably phallic-shaped monoliths are scattered throughout southern Ethiopia. To date, these imposing stone pillars have only been studied by a handful of French researchers. An expedition sets off to carry out major archaeological excavations on this exceptional megalithic heritage, left by a civilization totally unknown to historians.


Narbonnaise Archaeology Encounters 2019 (France)

  •        Paul Tournal Award (Grand Prize)


  • Director :

    Alain Tixier

  • Writers :

    Marianne Cramer, Alain Tixier, Anne-Lise Goujon

  • Distribution :

    Arte, NHK

  • Co-production :

    MC4, Arte France, CNRS Images

  • Lenght :


  • Year :


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