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Brain Factory

Docland Yard Science

Brain Factory

A group of billionaires has joined forces with some of the greatest scientists on the planet in an attempt to transfer the human mind to an avatar. Science or science fiction? One of the most ambitious research projects ever undertaken aims to create an artificial brain in the near future – a huge undertaking that should be taken seriously. Many specialists the world over are currently working on the project. Will it be possible one day to construct a machine that can replicate all our mental processes? Will an artificial brain be conscious? Will it be capable of controlling a robot-type body? Can the human mind be transferred to an avatar?

  • Director :

    Cécile Denjean

  • Writers :

    Cécile Denjean, Thibaut Martin

  • Distribution :


  • Co-production :

    Docland Yard, Arte France

  • Length :


  • Year :


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