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Ark of the Covenant: the Bible’s origins

GEDEON Programmes Archeology

Ark of the Covenant: the Bible’s origins

For the first time ever, a joint French-Israeli scientific mission, led by archaeologist Israel Finkelstein, and biblical scholar Thomas Römer, prepare to unearth the secrets of Kiryath-Jearim. According to the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant was kept on the hill of Kiryath-Jearim before it was taken to Jerusalem. Using the latest scientific and innovative technologies, their finds will coalesce into a comprehensive story, which just may solve the long lost mystery of the ArkIt is a fascinating investigation, in which clues gathered from these and other ancient sites, are juxtaposed with biblical texts, revealing an even bigger story, that of the Bible’s origins.

  • Director :

    Thierry Ragobert

  • Writers :

    Thierry Ragobert, Fabrice Gerardi, Marie Thiry

  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, ARTE France, Cinephil, Kan

  • Distribution :


  • Length :

    90', 52'

  • Year :


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