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A Life in the Tropical Forest

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A Life in the Tropical Forest

For the last 50 years, botanist Francis Hallé has been exploring and defending the world’s great primary forests. Under his guidance, we set off on a new forest adventure, where the trees and creepers, grass, moss, fungi, algae and bacteria testify to the intense struggle for survival in these latitudes. While no government seems able to stop the massive deforestation underway, a broad consensus of public opinion might have more success. In a call for action, the film makes suggestions for future research and ways of promoting forest resources.


  • Director :

    Gilles Santantonio

  • Writers :

    Gilles Santantonio, Gilles Kebaïli, Francis Hallé

  • Distribution :

    Arte, Ushuaïa TV

  • Co-production :

    MC4, Arte France

  • Length :


  • Year :


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