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Planet Chef – 2 seasons

GEDEON Programmes Adventure

Planet Chef – 2 seasons

In the first season of Planet Chef, we met young chefs from Argentina, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Lebanon, Colombia, Italy and Sweden. For Season 2, it’s now the turn of four new chefs, who have left their homelands in Cameroon, Mexico, Greece and Tunisia to come and study French cuisine. Planet Chef meets these creative chefs, who have combined their native culinary culture with that of their adopted homeland to create a fusion cooking style. They tell their stories and show how the new spin they’ve put on French food is influenced by their backgrounds. To find out more, we travel back with them to their home countries to revisit their culinary roots

  • Directors :

    Stéphane Carrel, Antoine Coursat

  • Writers :

    Stéphane Carrel, Camille Labro

  • Distribution :


  • Co-production :

    GEDEON Programmes, Planète+

  • Length :

    8x52’ (2 saisons)

  • Year :


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