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The Biodiversity Tour de France 2021

21 June 2021

Filming The Biodiversity Tour de France

On set with Chloé Nabedian

In early May, film crews shot this year’s introductory scenes in Fontainebleau with Chloé Nabédian. Twelve days of filming remain for the ninth edition of The Biodiversity Tour de France, a 21-episode mini-series which airs during the televised broadcast of each stage of France’s annual cycling race. As usual, GEDEON Programs joins forces with France Télévisions and the National Museum of Natural History for the occasion, to honor the ecosystems of the various regions crossed by cyclists during the race.

DIRECTORS : Christophe Findji, Nicolas Monterrat
COPRODUCTION :GEDEON Programmes, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle

WITH: ASO, France Télévisions
LENGTH : 21×1’30